1. What is MY City app? 

  •  MY City app is a lifestyle mobile application with 4 main features: Newsfeed, Deals, Jobs, Chats. 


2. How do I sign up for MY City app? 

  • Users can sign up by downloading MY City app from Google play or App store and create an account by registering user's email and password. 


3.  What are the 4 features of MY City app? 

  • Newsfeed- You can write posts and read articles. 

  • Deals- You can browse menus, place orders, make payments, purchase deals and make reservations. We have an option of dine-in, takeaway and delivery so you can order anywhere and anytime.

  • Jobs- You can browse jobs and apply for jobs on the go. Our job section includes part time, full time, contract, freelance and internship.

  • Chats- You can chat and connect with users around you.


4. Is MY City app available in my country? 

  • MY City app is available to download worldwide however we only offer deals and jobs which are obtainable in Malaysia at this moment. For newsfeed and chats, this feature is open to the public regardless of nationality. For the deals and jobs feature, we are focusing in Klang Valley now so do stay tuned as we are planning to expand our coverage area soon.


5. Can I register for more than one account?

  • As long as you have a valid email address and phone number, you will be able to create a single account on MY City app. You can only register up to 3 accounts per device. Registering more than 3 accounts in the same device will cause your account to be suspended due to our system detecting suspicious activity.


6. Is MY City app free for everyone?

  • Yes, MY City app is certainly free for all users without any registration fees. 


7. Can I refer friends to MY City app? (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, you can. You can just click on ‘My Account’ > ‘Referral Code’ and your friend will need to enter your referral code upon registration. 


8. What are the benefits of referrals? (Coming Soon)

  • There are currently no benefits available for the time being however we are working on something exciting. 


9. If I have further questions, how do I get the solutions? 

  • You may use the live chat in our app. 


10. Why does the app crash or the page gets stuck? 

  • This may be due to the current version of the app. We suggest for you to ensure that the app is updated to the latest version for smooth usage. If problems persist, please contact us via live chat or email ( for more assistance. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. 


11. What is the meaning of a verified user? 

  • A verified user badge will be given to a user if the user uploads verification documents for validation purposes. These details are kept private and confidential in accordance with the Persona Data Protection Act Malaysia (PDPA).


12. How long does it take for my profile to get verified? 

  • It takes up to 24 hours for us to verify your profile.




1. How do I apply for jobs on MY City app? 

  • Download the app, sign up and complete your profile. Once your profile is verified, you may proceed to apply for jobs. 


2.  Why do I need to submit personal documents such as an identity card and a selfie? 

  • We want to regulate the community and ensure to prevent cheating, fraud, impersonation and misuse of the platform for illegal activities. We ensure your safety and integrity in providing our services at all times. 


3. Do I need to pay to apply for jobs? 

  • Free of charge.


4. How do I know if I am selected for the job? 

  • You will receive a call upon approval from the employer. 


5. What if I did not receive payment/short payment from the employer within the agreed payment terms? 

  • You may contact your employer for more information. However, if unable to resolve the issue, you may contact us for more assistance. We will assist you to file legal action if required. We guarantee to be the mediator between employers and employees and will take necessary actions against anyone with accordance to the Malaysian Labour Law. 


6. What if I changed my mind and could not commit to the job?

  • You must contact MY City and your employer immediately to show a proof of evidence regarding the reason on your last minute pullout. You will be blacklisted if no reason was given. Minimum lead time to provide a valid reason is 12 hours before the job starts. This only applies to part time jobs. 


7. What is blacklisted? 

  • Blacklisted means you have violated employment rules and you cannot apply for any jobs using our platform. If you believe that it was a misunderstanding, do feel free to reach out to us through email. We will be sharing our blacklisted form with future employment agencies and there may be a chance it will affect your future employment opportunities.


8. What is the minimum age requirement? 

  • The minimum age requirement is 16 years old to apply for jobs in Malaysia.


9. How do I report an employer? 

  • You may report to us at .Please include relevant details with evidence to support your report.


10. Is it compulsory to upload my resume? 

  • It is not compulsory however it is recommended to upload to enable for employers to filter talents according to your expertise.


11. Will my resume be seen by employers or the public? 

  • No. Your resume is private unless you apply for the job of your choice. 


12. What can employers see if I apply for the job? 

  • Employers can view your name, phone number and resume upon applying for the job.


13. Can I apply for jobs outside of MY City app? 

  • Yes. 




1. Who can purchase deals, place orders, make reservations and get discounts? 

  • Any user who has created an account is eligible to purchase deals, place orders, make reservations and get discounts.


2. Do I need to submit any payment details in order to purchase deals, place orders, make reservations and get discounts? 

  • Users are required to submit payment details only when purchasing deals and placing orders.


3. How do I find and redeem my deals on MY City app? 

  • Users may navigate to ‘“My Deals” page and find your purchased vouchers. Upon arriving at the merchant store, users will need to open “My Deals” on the app and allow the merchant to take down the voucher code displayed on the screen. 


4. How do I make a reservation? 

  • Reservations can be made through MY City app by clicking on ‘Deals’ > “Restaurant Name” > “Reserve Now” > “Choose Time Slot”. Users will receive a confirmation email upon making the reservation.


5. Can I cancel my reservation after I have made the reservation? 

  • Yes. Users may cancel your reservation up to 30 minutes before your reservation time slot. Just use the live chat feature and inform us and we will cancel it for you :) 


6. Can I edit my reservation timing and number of pax? 

  • Yes. Users may edit your reservation and number of pax up to 30 minutes before your reservation time slot. Just use the live chat feature and inform us and we will cancel it for you :) 

7. Will I get suspended if I cancel my reservations? 

  • Users will not be suspended as long as you cancel the reservation 30 minutes before the reservation time slot. However, users who fail to attend 3 or more reservations without cancelling before their reservation time will be temporarily suspended.


8. What happens if I am late for my reservation? 

  • Users’ reservation will only be guaranteed for 30 minutes upon reservation timeslot. Arriving after 30 minutes will result in an auto-cancellation of the reservation. Repeating this for more than 3 times will cause your account to be suspended. 


9. What should I do if my account got suspended? 


10. What do I need to show the merchant when I attend my reservation? 

  • Users will need to show the booking confirmation code in MY City app under the “My reservation” page.




1. How do I write articles and post?

  • You may click the newsfeed tab at the bottom of the screen. After that you may type in the text box provided and click “POST”. 


2. Can I like and comment on any posts/articles?

  • Yes. You can like and comment on posts.




1. Can another person see my personal details such as my full name, phone number and email address?

  • Only your name, bio and profile picture is visible to others. 


2. Can I block people who I do not feel comfortable with?

  • You are unable to block people however you can delete the conversation and report to us if you face any issues. 


3. How do I report if I face any issue?

  • You may use the live chat feature in our app to report any issues. 




1. Who can advertise on MY City app?

  • Anyone can advertise as long as the advertisement is approved by MY City app and the advertiser has already paid for the advertising fees. Advertising of products and services in newsfeed are strictly prohibited and user’s accounts will be temporarily suspended. 


Merchant FAQ


1.  What is MY City App merchant? 

  • MY City app merchants refer to any individual or organization that are in collaboration with MY City.


2. How can I be a merchant of MY City app? 

  • Fill up the Contact Us form in our website ( and we will be in touch with you within 48 hours. 


3. Do I need to pay for registration fees to be a MY City App Merchant? 

  • No. It is free. However there may be other charges upon joining our platform/ using our services. 


4.How can I join MY City app to post jobs for my company? 

  • Create an employer account using MY City merchant app and submit relevant documents. If there are any further enquiries, do fill up the ‘Contact Us’ form in our website and we will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

5. How do I know if someone applied for the job I posted? (For employers) 

  • You will receive an in-app notification upon application from the employee.  


6. How do I contact the interested employee?

  • You may contact the employee via phone call.  


7. What should I do if I want to post advertisements on behalf of my company?


8. How will I be charged if I want to partner with MY City app for merchant collaboration or digital advertising?

  • Pricing will depend on the type of merchant or advertisement. Do feel free to drop us an email at


9. What is the merchant app for?

  • The merchant app is a dashboard for merchants to view transactions and other merchant related information. We will assist merchants by explaining the features during onboarding. 


10. Where can I find the merchant app?

  • You may download it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 


11. How do I contact MY City if there are further questions which are merchant related?

  • There are 2 options.
    Option 1: You may email us at
    Option 2: You may fill in the contact form on our website.